Free Wheel Hub Body Sub-Assembly

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The Free Wheel Hub Body Sub-Assembly (#43508-35040) is a critical component in the Front Axle Hub system of your Toyota vehicle. As part of the Drive-Chassis, this auto part engages or disengages the front wheels from the front axle, transforming the vehicle from two-wheel to four-wheel drive or vice versa, depending on driving conditions. The assembly consists of various components including the hub body, clutch, springs, and bolts, all working in harmony to ensure seamless operation. Without regular replacement, an aged or damaged Free Wheel Hub Body Sub-Assembly (#43508-35040) can negatively impact vehicle performance, potentially causing the front wheels to stay locked in or not engaging when required. This can lead to increased fuel consumption and reduced safety on difficult terrains. As always, Toyota recommends using genuine parts to maintain vehicle compatibility and maximize performance. Genuine parts are additionally backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining an effective Free Wheel Hub Body Sub-Assembly (#43508-35040), you maintain optimal driving performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 43508-35040

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