Rear Seat Cushion Pad B

About this product

The Rear Seat Cushion Pad B (#71612-0C060), an essential component in the Seat & Seat Track system, is designed to provide comfort and stability for vehicle occupants. Primarily, it absorbs shocks and vibrations, enhancing the overall ride experience. This pad also acts as a brace, supporting the body to maintain an optimum seating position during movement. Over time, like any other part, the Rear Seat Cushion Pad B (#71612-0C060) may wear down, potentially causing discomfort and reducing the protection it provides. As a result, it's crucial that this part is replaced periodically. Ignoring maintenance can compromise ride quality and safety. By opting for genuine Toyota parts, compatibility with your vehicle is assured. These authentic parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing extra confidence in their quality and performance. The Rear Seat Cushion Pad B (#71612-0C060) may appear a minor part, but it is crucial for ensuring comfort and safety in your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 71612-0C060

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