Body Lower Back Panel Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Body Lower Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#58307-42030), a key component in Toyota's Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member system, serves a crucial role to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. As part of the car's body, it provides support and protection, especially in case of rear-end collisions. Manufactured to Toyota’s precise specifications, genuine parts like these are designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Over time, this panel can be subjected to wear and tear, potentially leading to a compromised structure or even rusting. Regular replacement is crucial to prevent such issues, as a damaged or old Body Lower Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#58307-42030) could hamper the safety and performance of the vehicle. Backed by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty, the Body Lower Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#58307-42030) not only contributes to the vehicle's structural resilience, but also plays an important role in ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58307-42030

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