Booster Plate & Seal Sub-Assembly

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The Booster Plate & Seal Sub-Assembly (#44605-48010), a vital component within Toyota's Drive-Chassis Brake Booster & Vacuum Tube and Brake Master Cylinder systems, assists in the crucial process of efficient vehicle braking. This auto part enhances the force applied on the brake pedal, enabling brakes to function smoothly with minimum driver effort. The assembly comprises a booster plate that amplifies pedal force and a seal to prevent fluid leakage. Over time, wear and tear can degrade the assembly, causing potential brake failure - a hazardous situation. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended to maintain vehicle compatibility and uphold Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This underlines the importance of the Booster Plate & Seal Sub-Assembly (#44605-48010) not only in maintaining efficient vehicle operations but also in ensuring driver safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 44605-48010

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