Vane Pump Assembly

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The Vane Pump Assembly (#44310-04130), a critical Drive-Chassis part in the Vane Pump & Reservoir (Power Steering) system, plays a key role in your Toyota's steering operations. As the heart of the power steering system, it pressurizes the hydraulic fluid, enabling easy, effortless steering. Composed of several vanes that move in and out, it builds the necessary pressure in the fluid as they spin. The longevity of the Vane Pump Assembly (#44310-04130) is not infinite. An aged or broken pump can cause steering to become stiff, making it challenging to drive and potentially compromising safety. Genuine Toyota parts, like this Vane Pump Assembly (#44310-04130), are designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By ensuring the smooth operation of your power steering system, this auto part significantly boosts both the efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 44310-04130

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