Front Drive Outboard Joint Shaft Assembly

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The Front Drive Outboard Joint Shaft Assembly (#43460-49126) is a crucial component in the Front Drive Shaft system of your Toyota vehicle. Falling under the Drive-Chassis category, this part primarily serves to transmit power from the transmission to the wheels, allowing your vehicle to move. This assembly contains multiple components, including CV joints and a drive shaft, all of which function together to ensure smooth power distribution. As with all car parts, the Front Drive Outboard Joint Shaft Assembly (#43460-49126) can wear over time and may require replacement. A non-functional or worn-out assembly may lead to inefficient power transfer, impacting the vehicle’s performance. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, you benefit from seamless compatibility and Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacing with genuine parts not only maintains optimal performance but also contributes to the safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 43460-49295;43460-49125;43460-49315
Part Number 43460-49126

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